What to Expect

Working with a recruiter can be confusing and that is why we want to explain it in detail.  Keep in mind we are writing this to a broad spectrum of experience in candidates.  Some candidates may have never used a recruiter and some may have used a recruiter several times.  One thing to make very clear is that there is never a charge to you the candidate.  All our fees come from the client company.  The key thing to remember in working with a recruiter is there is a balance between your needs and the unspoken behind the scenes reality that someone is getting paid to get you placed.  We do not hide the fact that we are in this business to make money, but we have a philosophy of honesty and integrity in everything we do.   We also have experience keeping what is best for the candidate at the forefront, rather than us, which always pays dividends in the long term.  We also know that you the candidate have choices in how you approach pursuing a career opportunity.  We are going to be open and share both sides of the equation. We will also explain advantages and disadvantages for both.  The more you understand the game the better off you will be right?  We are also confident that the more you understand the more you will want to work with us.


Here are the ways you can approach the market directly:

  1. Apply directly to a company online-  The company is advertising a position that you feel you are just right for.  You upload your resume or send it directly.  It goes into an electronic resume database on ranking system.  Based on preset criteria it is put in the electronic workflow of an HR person.  From here it gets human screened and they may even pick up the phone and call you. If you pass this step it will go on to the hiring manager who has the vested interest.  Even if your credential are dead-on for the position this is sometimes a low percentage game.  Why?  Because you are competing with internal referrals and recruited candidates.
  2. Internal referral-  a large number of companies incentivise their employees to refer candidates for a position?  This is usually in the form of a small finder’s fee.  This sometimes works and it is not as low a percentage game as the preceding but it is still low.  Why?  Because once referred in and screened you lose any kind of feedback or communication through the process.  In addition you are competing with recruited candidates.
  3. Direct company recruitment-  HR from the company hears about you or finds you on Linkedin and contacts you directly.  A large number of companies have internal recruitment or talent acquisition people.  That being said a great number of those still use external recruiters like us.  The thing to keep in mind is “follow the money”.  The hiring manager and the sales organization have the direct vested and selfish interest.  They are interested in the best person for the job period.  They also don’t care if the company is paying a finder’s fee or fee to a 3rd party recruiter.  This is your highest percentage game of these 3  methods, however it is still you against the company and it is totally up to them how much feedback you get in the process.


The above methods can be successful but keep in mind it is difficult to get feedback, or know where you are at in the process.  Keep in mind to achieve your goals you will have to do this numerous times with numerous companies to be successful.  How do you determine if it is a good company to work for?  Are they making you a competitive offer?  At what point in the process did I get beat?  Were they serious about me or did they just need me to meet an interview metrix?


Now that we have explained how you can pursue an opportunity on your own, we would like show you the advantages of working with us and explain the various ways you can do so.   We are successful in what we do because we don’t get paid unless we place you.  Which means we have to beat the 3 methods that we just listed above.   We do this by submitting the best candidates that appeal to the direct hiring managers and sales organization.  We are in direct contact with the hiring authorities and can get their direct feedback.  This is very crucial in the final stages of the interview process.  We get told over and over that it is very small things that differentiate the difference between 1st and 2nd place. 2nd place does not get you the job.  We also provide the tools and coaching specific to each position to give you the competitive edge.  There are a lot of companies out there.  Are they good to work for?  What is the manager like?  Is the company stable?  What is their turnover rate?  Is the compensation they are projecting realistic?  Are you getting a fair offer?  What does a career path look like with this company?  These questions are difficult to get on your own.  When working with us we can present you to multiple companies even at the same time.  This give you control of choice.


Now that we have explained the differences here are the ways that we can work with you.  In order to explain this we need to tell you how we receive a job order(position).


Here are the ways that job orders(positions come to us)

  1.  We have direct company contract
  2. Another recruiting firm call us with a job order or we receive  it through one of our networks and they have the direct company contract
  3. We market you directly as a “Most Placeable Candidate” to a company

Let’s go through the above in detail

We have a direct contract with the company

We are dealing direct with HR and the Hiring Manager directly.  This can be an exclusive relationship or semi-exclusive(another recruiting firm besides us involved)  we will inform you of this if this is the case.  Keep in mind we are also contractually bound to do the best on the company’s behalf when presenting you.  These companies highly depend us and we are held to your performance number.  That being said we make sure it is the right fit for you and give you feedback at every step.  This includes offer and acceptance so that you know you are maximizing your potential.

Another recruiting firm calls us that has a job order or we receive a through one of our networks  and they have the direct company contract

In this case we are acting more like an Agent.  The other recruiter is giving us criteria and wants us to source the candidates.  This is due to their lack of bandwidth to fill the position in either time or talent.  The difference here is it is more you and us against the company.   Keep in mind we don’t get paid unless you get placed.  This is a true partnering effort that is why your feedback at every step is critical.  Think about it.  If we lose track of you in the process we can’t give you feedback or help.   All recruiters are not created equal.  Some are bad and some are good.  We can’t alway guarantee what kind of work the other recruiter will do,  therefore we don’t want that recruiters work to be a reflection on us.

We market you directly as a “ Most Placeable Candidate” to a company

In rare circumstances we find candidates that are perfect for a company, hiring manager or position, but the position might not be available at that time.   In this case we would market you directly to that company and manager.  In some cases they have actually created the position for our candidate.