The Art of the Interview

Art by definition is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Skills and imagination are developed over a lifetime and some candidates have more skills and imagination than others.

Our goal when writing this section was to use our many years of experience interviewing candidates to convey employer expectations , what works and  what doesn’t work. This section breaks down each component of the interview process, and  can act as a checklist prior to the interview.  It can also be used to enhance your skills and imagination in areas you may be weak.  This  is tailored specifically for a “Sales” interview. The interview process covers:.

  • Resume Writing
  • Business Plans
  • Social Network Profiles
  • Dressing for Success
  • Brag Brook
  • Phone Screens/Interviews
  • Thank you notes
  • Face-2-Face Interviews
  • Field Ride Days
  • Skype, Facetime and Google Hangouts interviews
  • Answering Behavioral Questions
  • Answering Scenario Questions
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Psychometric and Intelligence Tests
  • Closing
  • Compensation Negotiation and Offers
  • Counter Offers

You can click on the the appropriate drop down tabs to learn about each area.   If you are experience at interviewing this will be good review.