Phone Screens & Interviews

Phone screens and phone interviews are used by employers to qualify the field of candidates.    It is typically used by companies wanting to screen-out  or eliminate a large number of candidates.  Phone screens are usually performed by a recruiter at the company or someone in the human resources department.  If you are called and you are at work or on the road try to schedule a time when you can be comfortable and prepared for the call.

You should prepare for this interview like you would a face-to-face interview.  They will want to know if you are articulate, professional and knowledgeable.  They will also look for red flags such as income requirements that are not inline with the plan for the position.  They want to verify who you say you are and make sure your resume is accurate.   They will more than likely ask a series of behavioral questions.   This is also a great time to gauge your level of interest in the company.  Is this company the right culture fit for you?



  • Stand up and smile while you are on the phone. – This helps with energy level, focus and positive attitude coming through at the other end
  • Be careful not to talk over the interviewer.  Let them speak then you speak
  • Do not monopolize the conversation. Make sure it is 50-50
  • Make sure you are putting inflection in the conversation and not being monotone
  • You will need to close  for the face-to -face interview Make sure you have a strong cell signal or use a land line
  • No background noise such as barking dogs or screaming children
  • Answer the phone by name
  • Make sure your voice mail is professional and has good energy in case you miss a call
  • Have pen and paper to take notes
  • Have access to the internet
  • Send a thank you note after the interview to express your interest (this means you will have to get their email)