Field Ride Day

The field ride day is designed to let you experience what it would be like in the field for the company.   It exposes you to the company culture,  company customers, and a key contributor for the company.  It is also designed to see if you will fit into the company culture,  how you respond to real world examples and get the key contributor’s opinion.

What to expect:


  • Plan on the great part of the day being spent with the company  sales representative
  • Dress for success-
  • You are an observer. Do not get involved unless asked to.  Do not interrupt the sale or attempt to involve yourself.  Make mental notes for questions you may have later.
  • Ask questions at appropriate times.  Wait until you are in private with the representative
  • Stay away from personal questions
  • Ask them about their daily routine, what are their competitive advantages,  how are they successful and what type of support they get from home office and management.
  • Close every representative you shadow i.e.  Can I count on your support for this position?  
  • Write a summary of your day and present it to the hiring manager


Remember this is another interview.  Treat it as such.  Although you are doing your evaluation you are being evaluated.