Compensation negotiation and Offers

The scope of this document is limited to compensation negotiation  and offers for sales positions.   The general rule of thumb is let the hiring authority bring up compensation before you.   Although compensation is extremely important you don’t want to give the impression it is the only thing you are focused on.

Compensation and negotiation

The majority of good sales positions will have a base salary plus base salary/bonus component.  It can vary widely depending on level of position, complexity of sales, product and service.  Unlike other positions most sales plans do not very by geography i.e. cost of living adjustments for the part of country you live in.  Our experience in regard to line level position is the plan is usually the plan without a lot of negotiation room.   There are exceptions to the rule such as: ramp up comp for a new territory.  We see companies wanting to hire reps that are currently performing in a particular range of compensation.    We get told all the time ” We would like to hire a rep making between  $xxxx  and $xxxx.     The reason being is they want to know is that you are able to sell by setting them minimum. They don’t wanted you making to much currently as they want their job to be a step-up.    If you are currently making to much,(even though their position pays well) they may see you as a flight risk.  Flight risk meaning you may not be happy  with their compensation plan in the near term or time it takes to ramp up to performance levels.

The best way to deal with compensation is to have the compensation discussion with us prior to the interview even taking place.   We can discuss what you are currently making, what your income level requirements are and if the position will support that.  We can help you make the determination if the plan is realistic in accordance with your skill and the company requirements/offering


The offer comes at the end of the interview process.  Keep in mind some companies extend an offer to one candidate while holding another candidate in reserve if the 1st doesn’t accept.    The offer is usually given verbally 1st with the written offer to follow.   The written offer is always contingent on background check and drug testing.


  • Do not give notice at your current employment until you have a signed written offer
  • Do not give notice if think there may be something in your background that could result in the offer being rescinded i.e. driving record(and the company is providing a car