Dressing for Success

Numerous studies have been done over the years and some very recently regarding the influence of clothing on 1st impressions.  The general conclusion is that you have a few seconds to make a 1st impression and that is a lasting on. Our recommendations that follow are based on feedback from 100’s of hiring managers over the years:

Women’s Interview Attire


  • Conservative Suit- dark grey, navy,brown or black.  Choose either skirted or pants suit whichever you are more comfortable in
  • Blouse- Coordinated,  button-down, collared or simple round neckline
  • Shoes- conservative
  • Hosiery- choose a basic color in sheer style that is appropriate with your suit color.  There should be no patterns
  • Accessories- avoid distracting jewelry keeping it simple.  Stay away from flashy fingernail polish and keep makeup to a minimum
  • Perfume- should be light
  • Hairstyle- professional
  • Portfolio or brief case


Men’s Interview Attire


  • Conservative Suit- black, navy or gray. Sleeves of jacket should extend to the hand.  Suit pants should match the jacket.
  • Shirt- pressed, clean and traditional long-sleeved shirt in solid colors.  Avoid bright colors and patterns.
  • Tie -choose a good quality  that conservative in color and pattern.  Make sure that it is properly tied
  • Shoes-Conservative- black , cordovan or brown that coordinates with your suit.  Make sure they are clean, polished and heels not rounded or worn. Socks should coordinate with the suit.
  • Accessories- belts should always be worn to match the suit. If wearing a watch make sure it is conservative. No facial/body piercings.
  • Hairstyle-professional
  • Portfolio


What are big interview No-Nos


  • Gum- fresh breath is good but use a mint prior to the interview
  • Cell phones- keep in mind even if they are silenced the vibration can still distract
  • Coffee or Soda
  • Not covering tatoos
  • Piercings
  • Strong, overpowering cologne or perfume


Additional Notes

We understand business casual has become the norm these days but it is not appropriate for an interview.  No exceptions.  The hiring authority can be dressed in in shorts and flip flops. This should not affect the way you dress. The thing to remember here is not to take any chances on your dress.