Our Candidate Engagement Process

Candidates come to us in many ways.  You may have found us or maybe we found you.  Regardless of the source, our first goal is to get to know you.  What are your experiences and aspirations?  What is your passion?  We start the process by obtaining a resume.  You can email any of us  directly(our emails are available under the “About Us” page).  You can also register and upload a resume to our system.  Just click the button below that says “Register”.  Please keep in mind we receive  hundreds of resumes and yours will be prioritized based upon current openings and client priorities.
Based on your experience and goals we make career suggestions.  This can be as simple as making changes to a resume.  It could also be making you aware of compensation levels you might qualify for or informing you of aspects of the industry you might not be aware of.
When we receive a job order we start the matching process. This can be from one of our client companies or from one of our affiliate partners.  If you are already in our system or have a relationship with one of our recruiters you will be priority matched.  Matching is specific to each job order criteria i.e. years of experience,  type of experience and past performance.  During this process is when we inquire about your interest level or if you are open engaging in the interview process.
Once we have received your permission and we feel you are qualified your resume is submitted to the client pool.  Depending on the client or affiliate relationship determines how much we engage with you in the process.
Your recruiter is your main point of contact throughout the rest of the process.  This can involve phone screens, screening tests, f-2-f interviews, business plans and the job offer.   You may also be talking to client HR, internal recruiters, hiring managers and other affiliate recruiters.  Our goal for you as a candidate is facilitate the process and act as a go between.  The ultimate goal is for you to be successful in the process.    Once you have accepted and started we followup to make sure of your ongoing success.

Why work with us?

Over the years we have developed multiple client company and affiliate relationships.  That translates to more positions for you to choose from.
Through our process we get to know you.  Once we get you into process we are your partners.  We act as point of contact which extremely important.   If you simply apply online or get referred internally you may get an interview.  The interview process involves multiple steps and the final steps are critical.  It is these final steps where we are your communication lifeline and usually makes all the difference.
We provide you a password protected proprietary set of tools.   This includes things like sample resumes, business plans and what to expect in the process.  In certain circumstance we provide deep dive information in regard to specific positions.