A  brag book is used to show off your accomplishments and achievements. It is additional proof source that is expected for some interviews.  It should be designed in a format that can be left with the hiring manager.   The key here is you should always have one with you.   You may or may not be asked to talk about it.  Regardless, it can always be given to the hiring manager at the end of the interview.  What should be in a brag book?


  • Table of Contents- includes your name and the position of the company you are interviewing for with page numbers
  • Resume
  • Stack Rankings
  • Pictures of Awards
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Endorsements and Testimonials
  • References
  • College transcripts if you have them
  • Department of Motor Vehicle Driving Record
  • Optionally you could even have a picture of your family(what motivates you)